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Building applications that protect against external and internal threats

Every business today deals with potenal data, business informaon, consumer data and monetary transactions that needs full security. Armantec systems, a leading IT service provider has been working in the security sector for many years helping companies with state of the art secure applications that address the vulnerabilies inside the processes at various layers.

The security industry is at this moment in the midst of the paradigm shifting and technology plays a vital role in this industry. Our team of software developers has helped organizaons to increase their security measures and our customized solutions are perfect to improve operating margins through higher levels of security solutions. All our solutions ensure application confidenality, availability and integrity.

The process that we follow to develop security applications:


Initial review: Our team of security analysts assesses the inial risk areas and identify the purpose of the application in the context of the users. The business processes and operations are clearly understood and analyzed.

Threat modeling: Our experts then work with the developers to idenfy crucial areas of application that deal with sensive information.

Design phase: Application design reviews helps in idenfying the potential security risks at an early development stage. Reviews are held at each stage of development so that any recommendations can be implemented accordingly.

Code review: In this phase the development and coding of the application takes place and the modules are completed. Security testing against each unit is conducted throughout the development process.

Deployment phase: While the security reviews are done, a risk assessment is also done prior to the deployment of the application and it involves priorizing, evaluating and implemenng the controls.

Maintenance phase: In order to maintain the performance of the security application, it is important to consider periodic security checks of all critical controls and applications. We offer support and maintenance even after the software is delivered.

Our key services include:


Network and security solutions: Developing drivers, kernel modules for various embedded devices, firewalls, routers and etc. .

Automation system security: Developing a real time monitoring system and system automation for improved security and efficiency.

Information security: Encryption of files using hardware encryption and cryptography to maintain data security and integrity. .

If you have any requirements related to security, then our development team can help you to build solutions that are secure, user friendly without compromising on the funconality.

To know more about our services, call us today!

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