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Enterprise Architecture

About 70% of all corporate transformation initiatives fail due to a disconnect between business strategy and execution. And only 10% of the companies succeed in fully executing on their vision! Here arises the need for Business Architecture. It is a blueprint that provides a common understanding of how your organization is structured, what it wants to achieve, and what it takes to get there. A well-articulated Business Architecture bridges the gap between an organization's strategy and its successful execution. It is the cornerstone for a successful overall Enterprise Architecture.

An organization's capabilities are enabled through its information, application, technology and process architectures. A sound, resilient Enterprise Architecture (EA) designs these very enablers, thereby guiding the business and IT to stay focused on one vision for the future.

Today as digital innovations continue to transform the businesses around the world, EA needs to continuously evolve as well, to meet the organization's digital business expectations in the future. The Enterprise Architects at Armantec, therefore bring design-driven and business-outcome-driven approaches in EA to its customers. This approach, according to Marcus Blosch, research vice president at Gartner, "allows organizations to understand the ecosystem and its actors, gaining insight into them and their behavior and developing and evolving the services they need."

Write us to discuss your case with our Team of Enterprise Architects. We would be glad to help you.

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Technical capability to handle a wide range of project from varied sectors
Expert resources for instant project kick off
Complete transparency of the entire work process throughout the engagement and beyond
Dedicated project managers for each project to ensure high quality work
Cost effective rates suitable for all budgets


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