Movement Monitoring

Overspeeding alert (SMS, Email, Mobile Notification) and report

Route deviation alert (SMS, Email, Mobile Notification) and report

Abnormal stoppage alert (SMS, Email, Mobile Notification) and report

Bus Arrival Alert to Parents (SMS, Email, Mobile Notification)

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Daily Attendance in Bus

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Attendance in bus with real time alerts to Parents

No confusion on IN/OUT time

RFID / NFC card based attendance

Bus conductor can make attendance card for new students

Single screen and single touch attendance capturing

Everyday Process Enforcement

Web Based Checklist Management

Realtime Checklist Submission

GPS Tracking of Device

Realtime Deviation Alert

QR Code / RFID / NFC Based Checkpoint Management

Proof of Inspector's Presence on Every Checkpoint

Call to Concerned Official / Department on Single Tap

Incident Reporting with Picture

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Boarding & Deboarding Control

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GPS based boarding & de-boarding control 

GPS location & time recording

Boarding & de-boarding count mismatch alert

Alert to parents and school management on boarding & de-boarding at wrong bus stop

Alert on missing a bus stop to de-board

Other Features

Dedicated contact number for every bus

School / Parents can call a bus and speak to student(s)

Student can call parents in case of any emergency in bus

Report an Incident with Picture Upload

SOS Button for all passengers

School contact directory and calling on single tap

Many other features...

All features are Customizable !!!

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