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Business Challenges with Paper based Inspection

  • Ignorance of scheduled Inspection
  • Prolonged turnaround time in resolution of deviation reported
  • Tampered reporting misleads further strategy
  • Data entry overhead with possibility of mistakes
  • Proof of onsite presence of patrolling staff
  • Overheads of checklist revision and training
  • Expensive printing, logistics and change management
  • Agility to adapt the change
  • Increase in carbon footprint
  • NO SLA based escalation
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Solution that Works

  • Cloud based inspection and reporting with the help of handy inspection device.
  • Geofencing and Geotracking of Inspection Devices
  • Proof of Presence of inspector with the help of RFID on every checkpoint
  • Scheduled Inspection, Realtime Checklist submition and Realtime deviation alert to concerned authorities.
  • Web based administration and management of project, location, inspection team, checkpoint, checklist questions and tour wise schduling of inspection
  • Realtime report access and SOS management
  • Incident reporting with picture uploading
  • Panic alert to control room and concerned officials with location co-ordinates
  • Team performance and movement comparison chart
  • Long lasting battery life upto 10 hrs even with GPS tracking enabled
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Report That Makes Sense

  • Clarity on who reported what at what time?
  • Project wise inspection reports in one sheet
  • Inspection not done within scheduled timespan is higlighted for you.
  • Deviation found during inspection is highlighted in red for you.
  • Realtime alert for every deviation reported through inspection device
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Best Fit For

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  • Daily Inspection to ensure Best Possible Security
  • Daily Inspection for Best Quality Housekeeping Service
  • Daily Inspection for Quality of Maintenence Service
  • Facility Inspection and their annual KPI analysis
  • Daily Inspection of Vehicle, Aircraft, Transport
  • Daily Inspection of Machinery in Manufacturing Plants
  • Daily Patrolling and Tracking of Patrolling Team
  • .....
  • Any business that requires daily inspection
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